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CommunicationWorks 4U — Working Together … Working 4U
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Where We Discuss Important Matters Without Apology (Indaba)

What is Not Communicated to You Can Work Against You
Communication Works 4U is the media division of
A Walk in Truth Christian Books & BlackPrint Books & Art Gallery.
The bookstore opened in 1988, and we are blessed — and gearing up — to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. READ MORE...
We are adding to our brick-and-mortar an online presence that will promote business services and community matters that positively highlight and elevate African American life, legacy, and culture. Without apology, we are guided by Christ-centered principles, we will continue to celebrate and meet the need for spiritual and cultural resources. Increasing Our Power of Communication via Collaboration+Coordination+Cultivation
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Since 1988, this "little bookstore with a big heart for Jesus" has been a good news resource when in need of a Spiritual Pick-Me-Up, or intellectually combating a Cultural Hang-Up
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awit_25 years
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."
3 John 4



"A powerful and affecting story
of sisterhood and motherhood."
—New York Times

Awards & Honors for
One Crazy Summer

Newbery Honor Book
Coretta Scott King Award (Author)
National Book Award Finalist
Scott O'Dell Award
for Historical Fiction
Named a Best Book of the Year by:
Boston Globe,
Christian Science Monitor,
The Horn Book, Kirkus,
Reviews, Publishers Weekly,
School Library Journal,
and Washington Post
ALA Notable Book
Chicago Public Library
Best of the Best
New York Public Library's
"One Hundred Titles for
Reading and Sharing
New York Times Editors' Choice
NAACP Image Award Nominee
Parents' Choice Gold Award

Local News
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A Message from
Bea Dozier-Taylor, Proprietor

"How is the Good News reaching others through your life?"
NEW HAVEN, CT-A WALK IN TRUTH Christian Books Soon to Celebrate 25 Years.
You have a choice of bookstores, and we're truly blessed that you choose to shop local and experience—what we believe to be—a welcoming oasis to any Christ-centered & cultural journey.

Oftentimes people ask if there is any conflict in being Black and a Christian. My answer remains the same. i am...


To be secure in your heritage is a good thing, indeed, but lineage nor tradition can save you. The power and joy in knowing how people of African ancestry held onto the fundamental truth, principle, and promises in God’s Word is affirming. Our job is to explore, celebrate, and pass what it means to have "...come this far by [our] faith" in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

I nurture a belief that what we've accomplish is more than "giving back". It is doing the inside job of adding to and building on the concept of "the village." And, yes, challenges will continue to abound! "The village," and the people, aren't quite as stable as they used to be.

Although over 70% of Christian and 80% of Black Bookstores across the country have gone out-of-business. We are re-committed to facing this challenge and keeping the "gates" open to fulfill what is our commitment and mission: "Serving Those Who Serve" and "Selling Us On Ourselves."

Our location remains the same, and is an important part my assignment! Your support is vital and appreciated. We are ”a way station” for those who preach, teach, reach, and/or lead others in need of resources to replenish and strengthen their Christ-Centered and Cultural journey.


… and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ."
ACTS 6:4

How is the Good News Reaching Others Through Your Life?

Bibles | Study Bibles
(KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT, AMP, Parallel, etc.)
Christian Literature & Resources
Sunday School Ministry
Youth Ministry | Choir Ministry
Deacon/Deaconness Ministry
Pastor's Aide Ministry | Usher Ministry
Community Outreach Ministry
Church & Communion Supplies
Pulpit & Choir Robes | Gifts & Awards

We are Truly Blessed to Celebrate 24 Years! Serving Those Who Serve


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Tracing Our Roots & Rediscovering Our Herigage
Historically Informative—Spiritually Awakening—Intellectually Stimulating

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.
James Baldwin

"About us, for us, by us, and nearby..."
Doing the Inside Job of
Selling Us On Ourselves

  • Books for all ages featuring the skin God put us in.
  • Artwork featuring God's handiwork (that's us).
  • Heritage hair, heritage lips, heritage nose, heritage color.
  • The very skin we're in is an essential part of our story.
  • Cultural gift items giving testament to our God-Given talent.
  • "About us, for us, by us, and nearby…"

We Are a Showcase of African American Talent


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The Power of Communication
Collaborate + Coordinate + Cultivate
Working Together … Working 4U

— Calendar of Events —

Where We "Get Our Learn On" (without apology)
Where We Discuss Important Matters (Indaba)
Where We Shop—Where We Eat
Where We Worship

Adding Style & Substance to Your Communications!

CW4U… it's about U,
the Reader, the Prospect, the Customer


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CW4U is committed to work within the community to cultivate a legacy of cultural appreciation, racial dignity, and economic independence.

We assist culturally-aware service environments that look to bridge the gap and transmit a message that says "…we recognize the African American community social needs as well as their economic pursuits and achievements. We must honor and serve to strengthen their economic base because we are a genuine part of your community."


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We are planting seeds that will bring to harvest our greatest gifts for generations to come. It's our job and it can be accomplished through a consortium of passionate business and individual co-laborers dedicated and committed to ensuring the long-term economic and cultural success of our community.

Good and well-intentioned endeavors within community continue to lack the tools necessary to most effectively attract, retain and preserve African American distinctions. The literature, artwork, and workplace does not reflect issues specifically relevant to the African American community as a whole and continue to leave impressions that imply:
—People of African ancestry are, but, a happenstance supporter of our businesses, organizations, etc.
—People of color are not consider a worthy expense to reflect genuine cultural resources
—And some are oblivious to the cultural distinctions and reluctantly serve the African American community


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"Turning Up the Wattage"

CW4U is about our ability to effectively and affordably communicate our entrepreneurial pursuits and business events.
CW4U is an information gathering/sharing page of the website, featuring initiatives and services.

4U Calendar
4U MarketSpace
4U Services
4U Advertising
4U Blog

Strategies that will help you to attract, retain, educate and inspire from within. As your Cultural Information Broker, let us assist you to maintain and achieve your goals to build on and improve your relationship with the community.


In Anticipation of Our Upcoming 25th Year Anniversary

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